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Department Position Name Duty Tel. No.
Vice-Presidentr S. H. Kim All business affairs +82-51-200-1111
Executive Director N. K. Park (Peter)
Director S. H. Moon (Dmitri)
Trading Team General Manager J. S. Bang (Boris) Head of Trading team
Marine Product Trade
Section Chief D. S. Han (Oleg) Sales of Packing materials & Beck Liner
Marine Product Handling
Staff H. W. Ji (Henu) Marine Product Handling
Cargo Handling & Supply
Section Chief M. R. Ha(Marina) Assistant
Agent Team General Manager W. Y. Jeong (Dennis) Head of Agency Team +82-51-200-1271
Manager D. Y. Kim (Vladimir) Operating
Section Chief B. J. Bae (Maksim) Operating
Assist manager E. Y. Kim Operating
Technical Sales Team General Manager S. J. Sohn (Oleg) Head of Technical Sales Team
Ship repairing
Spare parts sales
Spare parts Handling
Section Chief S. W. Kim (Misha) Ship repairing
Spare parts sales
Marel scale sales & repair
Section Chief Y. S. Um Assistant
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